March 19, 2011


Oh hello didnt see you there!


Back to blogging. Back to scrap booking. Back to taking photos. Here's a preview of the fun I've been having. I'm so excited to finish my wedding album asap! :-D

It's been a crazy, tiring, fun, exausting, beautiful, couple of months with my little boy! Now If I could keep up on housework so I could spend more time teaching my kiddos and taking them places... ;) Someday I'll figure out a good system. I've been a mom for over a year but I guess thats not very long huh.. I'm still new at it.

I have decided, no matter how hard my finances are, Mondo and I need a date night once a month at least. Theaters are expensive! Next time well try Northern lights.

Good morning. Held Emery at 5am. Slept in late. Movie with my favorite person ever. Spent the drive telling me I was beautiful :) Now I get the night off of baby feeding and Alakais 3rd birthday is tomorrow! Happy happy joy joy! :)
Can I stop smiling? :) I think not. *grin*

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