April 18, 2011

I,m a big girl now

Today is a big day for Azariah. Tonight she is in her big girl bed.

Thank you Susan and Trav! We are so blessed.

Durrring nap I went to pick up the bed and since she was snoozing away in her crib (for possibly the last night ever) I left it in the living room. When she woke uup she was really excited to see it. Without the mattress even...  she got herr blanket, which has become her favorite thing in the worrld, and a pillow from the couch and set them on the bed frame. She is still learrning to climb but she tried her best... since she was on it ready i figured it was a good time to set up her room so i dragged it across the living room with my big girl riding along, down the hall and to her door. Here's the firrst issue: we were stuck. It took me a few minutes, Riah watching and crying for some unknown reason, i had to stand it up, make it crooked and sideways then turn it around and FINALLY it fit. Riah is still crying. Once set by the wall she wanted on but started crrying again when i took her off to put on the mattress. Continued to cry when i gave her blanky and her pillow pet. Well it hit me then that she thought it must be bed time. So i got her off and told her its ok...put a favorite toy up and she climbed up sat down and laughed and played. She is so excited for her new bed.  Fast forwad a couple hourrs. I let herr stay up late as to make sure for a very sleepy baby. Ooops, big girl! So very sleepy big girl went to bed with her singing hippo on her lady bug pillow with her fuzzy blanket in hand (and mouth). We read Goodnight Moon. Said our, "i love you." She only got up once... im about to check on her and im sure she's fast asleep.

Tomorrows challenge: a FREE little girl. Hope she doesn't wake up too early because we don't have a gate on the door yet...

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