April 28, 2011


I had two blogs. The other was my random, this is what's happening blog. Then this one was for my bible study and scripture sharing. I never started that bible study. A whole year. Maybe that was a bad idea because I havnt read much scripture either since then. I started thinking and wondering why I needed 2? One for my thoughts and one for my thoughts on God. Should they be separate?
So I combined the 2 and kept this one for the name. And it needs some organizing and sproosing up. I've never used that word, not even sure if it's spelt right.
I would love to spruce up my life too. (Yep I looked it up. Dictionary.com sure is handy). I want to change. I want that joy. I can see it and am reaching out for it.
"Let go and let God" has been on my mind. It's been on my heart and It's what I'm trying to do. I can live like I'm in the middle of a struggle or I can live like I'm free from it and have faith.
Maybe sometimes my mind and heart dont line up? Something sure hasnt been lining up. I know what I need and want and I know the way out of most of what holds me down but I give in and stay down..  give into laziness? Sin? Stress? The list could go on and on.
Change needs to happen. As soon as I found the strength to reach out I feel safer and freed from the way I was feeling. "As soon." Wouldnt that mean fast? lol I spent 2 days feeling sick and tired and lazy. Sat online thinking I'd blog and think and I added some facebook in and some netflix. So by 3am I finally reached out and prayed and wrote down everything I was feeling without worrying who would think what. Didnt let any piece of my thoughts wait for the next day.
Relief feels sooo good. Today felt great. Change needs to happen sometimes.
God is good... all the time.
And all the time... God is good.

I should be doing this right now. 


Feel That Fire said...

Those were Lyla's jammies!

Darcie said...

Were they? :) Theyre my favorite. Sooo soft!

Feel That Fire said...

Yeah.. Lyla grew out of them fast :(