May 3, 2011

Tuesdays treasure - Family

This is.. US

Emerys first time in his toy

First smile.. half smile

soo sleepy

Pow-Pows and Dadda

Cuddling with Momma

one of two favorite blankets in the house

simply happliness

Sissy playing in the toy isle with Daddy

Napping at a friends. First little pony tail... 

Learning to eat Nanas awesome food


Sleepin in Bubbas swing. I caught her holding her feet up. So sweet. And first time with painted toes. 

Emerys favorite spot to sleep

<3 you

New bed!

Learning how to climb

Confetti for Easter celebration

sleepin on their couch

She loves socks. Well, she takes hers off all the time. But she wanted to wear some and this is what we grabbed. Toe sock and another one of mine that she walked around in for an hour before taking off. So silly!

There you have it.
My little family.
They make me happy!

I've been thinking of a little blog tradition to start. I think Tuesday's Treasure is it. For the simple fact that they are mine, and today is Tuesday. So next week there will be more. Pictures or words or both, I will share my treasure.

God bless.


Feel That Fire said...

I love Tuesday Treasure!!!

Darcie said...

You should do it too!

jessica_jones85 said...

i loved all those pictures! but my favorite is the one of emery sleeping on the floor with the teddy bear blanket.