May 11, 2011

Cake Balls

I've been walking around with a smile on my face. My heart is singing the possibilities.. I've been so happy, I dont think I've been so excited since my kids were born.
There are a few things that make me feel this way.
My babies. Laughs and cuddles and tiny toes.
My Jesus. Savior of my soul. My everything.
My photography/camera.
Dates with my husband. Very scarce but they're there as well..
Scrap booking. Digitally. Enhancing my own photos and making a page with a story. Wonderful! I love love love it.

Any guess what I'm talking about this time around? DANG my lack of ideas for a title gives it away ;)
Yummy, moist, sweet, chocolaty, cake with sprinkles.
They not only make my mouth and stomach a very happy lady. Lady sounds funny to me. Girl, a very happy girl. But I enjoy making them so much that I've started selling them.
Got my moms hooked. My mom, Mondos mom. My MOMS.
My brother loves them. (Next batch will be red velvet like he hopes).
Even my daughter. She's not even 2 yet though so of course she loves it. I make them extra small for her! Loved those ones so much now I make them extra small, bite size, for me too.

Never had a cake ball? . . . . . .

Only thing bad about this is that Riah can never lick cake batter beaters because of her slight egg allergy. 

Cake crumbs
Tired him out all this work

Made 2 batches so did two diff. cakes

these are my friend
I'm in heaven... 
and hes out, again. :)

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jessica_jones85 said...

those cake balls look so good! you did a good job on those... now i think i wanna make some soon lol.. and ur pictures show how to get it done too lol