May 16, 2011

Life made lovely Monday

My Riah gets up really early now that she has her big girl bed. 7am came way too fast today. But instead of dreading it or waking up grumpy, I'm reminded of 
"Life made lovely Monday."
 I was up too late cleaning. But what's sweet about that, what makes my life more lovely today, is seeing how she fell asleep at her door way wrapped in her blanky. Just watching me go back and forth with all the stuff I was trying to get done. Silly girl falls asleep on the floor a lot. Then waking up to her arms stretched to me, and fingers wiggling. She said, "Momma" and layed in bed with me while I rested a little longer. Her cold feet (theyre always always cold) kept getting to me. And her little fingers kept poking my eyes. And my favorite, she kept puckering her lips and kissing me while I slept. 
My sweet girl. 

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