May 17, 2011

Tuesdays Treasure

How fun to be able to write about life. Laugh about it. Cry... well not so much. But to look back at the tears and know                           I really am OK. 
I woke up today in complete joy. Maybe my eyes didn't look it yet.. 7:30 is still early for me.

Matthew 19:21 Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions
 and give to the poor, and you will have treasure 
in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Part of that joy I woke up with was in remembering it's Tuesday. Today is "Tuesdays Treasure" A tradition I started so that I would have no excuse to forget to blog. But what I didn't expect was to wake up with the Lord giving me peace in hard times. Treasure of grace and joy and love. Of FAMILY. I didn't decide to enjoy every moment. Treasure the time I have as a stay at home Momma. I found that the enjoyment was already there. Very much real and pleasant. I found gifts in playing with my kids without a care or worry that my house is not clean and way too cluttered. I know I gave so much to Riah in reading a new favorite book and getting some huggles (hugs and cuddles). Someday she will know she gave so much to me by sitting through a book and enjoying it. Pointing at pictures of faces and then pointing at her own. Interrupting the story to get off her seat and grab a pillow off the couch to lay her head on and wrap her own blanket around herself. It's like she said, 
"OK Momma I'm ready now."
pretty cute for a 1.5 yr old 

I live in a time where money is hard to get but I really want it...  For such a giving person I really wish I had more so that I can give more (instead of me needing so much help from others).  I'm not perfect and I don't want to even try to be. But I do want to be like my Jesus. I do want to give up "wanting" and just enjoy myself as much as possible now. I have so much treasure to give my babies. 
I also live in a time where my kids are so very giggly and happy. My Emery is laughing at everything. Not just me. Not just his sister or his Daddy. At his toys. That one was unexpected.. He was alone laying on his mat with toys dangling. His chubby little hands were grabbing them and hitting them and he started cracking up. 

Was the lion talking to him?
Did it feel funny having the toy go back and forth hitting his hand? 
Was Emery saying, "peekaboo!" and pretending the lion said it back? 

Who knows... but I treasure that moment always. 
Life is what we make it. I'm gunna make it good.
I'm gunna love every moment.
Kiss my husband.
Huggle my kids.
Eat some cake balls. God willing also sell some.


Collie said...

I love you, I love the kids and watching the daily changes in them; I wish I was in a position to make sure you didn't need anything; what you don't know is the love you have for everyone is you giving to us. My cup runneth over with the joy I have in this daughter of mine. Thank you so much for your perspective.

Darcie said...

We <3 you too!

Nancy said...

I absolutely love, love this post. I am a firm believer that we choose how we look at our circumstances and I love how you know that God has everything in the palm of His hand. I love your faith and priorities. Very admirable and inspirational. :) Happy weekend.

Darcie said...

Thank you Nancy. I still struggle daily with priorities. I want to have faith every second. I'm jumping into selling cake balls but It's all confusing and overwhelming getting started. I'm relying on God to guide me in this adventure... I would really love to start this, and not give up or stop in the middle. Actually finish something I've started. Thank you for your kind words :)