May 26, 2011

Tuesdays Treasure

I know I know.. It's Thursday. Half hour 'til Friday.
Oh wait, I'm a stay at home Mommy. Every day is Friday. Even though its still Thursday.
Anyways! I did not forget about my Tuesdays Treasure. When I woke up Wed morning I really thought it was Tuesday and I was ready to keep an open mind about what to write about that day. But it was Wed. I had to babysit. I GOT to babysit my cousins adorable curly haired munchkin:

And my husband had his sleep study. Which didnt go to well considering he didnt get 5 minutes of sleep.

So here I'll just speak my mind for a sec then be off to bed.
I am on an adventure. A Cake Ball adventure. When someone asks: "If you had all the money, resources, time, energy and could do anything, what would you do?"
In my wildest dreams!
I don't answer and have the faith for it...  I guess in my mind a dream is a dream. But this wasn't a dream. I love baking. I always thought it would be cool to work in a bakery. But for some reason I pursued childcare and had a nanny job for 4 years and then that was the end of that. At this moment though it's becoming a dream and a reality. It's hard. . . I don't think I can do it. But I've got faith and plenty of friends and family that have faith in me as well...
So here we go.

See you on the wild side.

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