June 30, 2011


So thanks to a blogger friend TheGoat&theKid I saw some awesome art projects and had to try :) 
My baby girl is not 2 yet so she sat in the highchair and colored while my niece and I made the following. First we painted outside. That was the best part of my day...    6 or 7 little kids from around the apartment complext saw us outside my door painting and wanted to know what we were doing. They were asking about all the colors and laughing at us. Funny thing was also some of them didnt speak english, only spanish but they talked to us just the same as if we knew what they were talking about. My nice had them choose colors for her and the pattern of her piece. They laughed at everything she said, they were so silly! 

My pice
My niece's piece 

My finished project
Her finished project. A gift for her uncle for his birthday. 

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