July 11, 2011

Big boy indeed

This week we had a 6th Month check up for Emery and 18 Month checkup for Riah. Bubba is 20lbs and 9oz. YIKES! Azariah is 24lbs! He is catching up to her so fast. I think he secretly wants to be just like her. Follows her with every glance, grabs at ever dress that flies over his faces as she runs, and laughs. Not just smiles, laughs when she just looks at him. She is in love as well. They seem to be the best of friends. Sis will teach him all he needs to know. She just mastered hugging and loves to squeeze Emery. Her favorite phrase is "Hey baby" and I often hear "Hey BuBA!" 
Can't believe how big these two are. OK, let me rephrase. I cannot believe how smart Riah is, and how HUGE her brother is. :) They are my loves. 
Yes Bubba, soon you can run outside like your sissy. 
Yes Razza, some day you can have a phone like Mommies. I may get annoyed that you always call the top on my last call list. But they sure dont mind your voice mails one bit...

Soon he will be out the door

Smiley baby

Serious, but happy

Lovin his toys

Watching sis

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