June 23, 2011


Patience is my niece.
She doesn't like shoes.
We have been walking everywhere because I no longer have a gold car. I dont have a golden ticket either. Oh right and our bikes. We have nada. I've gotta say i love walking but not so much in Salem. I miss the feel of Silverton/Mt. Angel. Simple quiet and more grass. Not much choice at the moment, so we took off down the concrete slabs to Walmart.

I'm not sure I'm actually saving money now that I don't have a car. We keep getting a snack/drink at every little store if we take a walk. Or those little quicki marts ARE our destination when we do walk. But Patience is saving money on shoes. "No shoes, no shirt, no service." Well no one ever tells her that...

Any how Patience with her bare feet and I with my flip flop feet went and escaped the kids. Stopped and got a cookie at Mc D's. Walked the store. Some lady was really excited to give us a sample of a new Maxi pad and told us they are a lot better and more absorbent. Got a snack for the walk home and some coffee beans so i can coat them in chocolate. Oh yea and flowers.

My first pot and flowers. Well i need dirt but Ill get that tonight from Angie. I think I grew some stuff in like 3rd grade but other than that and helping mom in her garden I have never grown my own flowers. So this should be fun :)

I wonder if I was wide awake right now, not blinking and yawning and wishing my kids were napping, would this post be so boring? =o)

Happy Thursday.
Happy flower growing and barefooted walking!

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Patience Groves said...

Your posts are never boring!
and your just jealous that the rules of convenience stores don't apply to me :P