June 22, 2011


It's Wed. I've been busy and sick and busy and bored. 

Came down with strep throat. Not so fun. A shot in the butt later I'm good to go. Sorta....   Had to deal with the lack of Dr Pepper headache first. Now all better. 

Missed out on making cake balls for a few people. Happy Fathers day Mondo!!!

Missing my car. 

Got a double jogger.

It's missing one buckle... 

Just caught Riah using her drum stick to pound on Mondos phone lol :)  

Found a present in the bath tub from Riah today. 

86 Degrees yesterday. That makes me happy :-D

Patience is staying a few days and that makes me happy as well. 

Getting a check for our car soon. 

All this cause I haven't blogged and I miss it. I'll be back tonight hopefully :)

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