July 28, 2011

So Distracted

That seems to be the only word I can think to write about.
I'm always distracted from doing all the things I need to do.
I think I'm developing bad habits and habits are hard to change.
Dr. Pepper.
Spending money.
Being lazy.

I really dont like that list.

I'm in need for a biiiig change but I don't know what to do to bring it about. I can't find Mondo a good job. I can't pay all the bills and people calling me everyday. (Ignoring them is really getting hard to do!) I can't get myself to drink enough water and put down the soda. I pay the important bills and then think anything left can just be used for whatever. Seems like I've just given up. Gave up and gave into distractions.

Lost my faith?  Maybe somewhat. . .
It's like I have faith for things to get better but the longer they dont the UNwiser I feel and act. So I dont know where to go from here. Heaven help me.

I dont like all this negative stuff. Here's some smiley stuff:
Emery can grab at his big sister and scratch her and scream (loudly) in excitement when shes near him. But after she tells him "NO" she kisses his head and talks so sweetly to him.
Azariah is learning to point at all her body parts. The newest one is her back. And last night she wouldnt let me leave her alone in her "bed" without me patting her back until she dozed off.
Her "bed" is a toy story couch. She refuses to sleep on her toddler bed.
We sit on our door step and blow bubbles and hang out with the neighbor kids, I think they like her. Even though she yells at them.
If you ask Riah what her name is she says "Azdariah." She will be 2 in a little over 4 months (WOW!) Seems she talks a lot for her age. Or is it just me?
Emery might never crawl. He rolls and scoots to his destination just fine. From the couch to the wall to the movie shelf. And as if thats not talented enough in my eyes, he rolled and sooted all the way over to the kitchen where I was this morning and he had a movie in his hand. School of Rock.
He loves music so much. I love seeing babies personalities grow! He can be crying and as soon as I sing a song he looks up and smiles.
My kids make me happy. I'm so thankful for all the joy they bring.

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