July 29, 2011


Hello 3:18am, i did not miss you.
I wish i could say im up so late having a slumber parrty with my niece. Too bad she's in WA and i just can't sleep.

Fell asleep to a movie. Woke up in a hot house and couldn't go back to sleep.
Maybe the couch will work?
I put in a movie. Too sleepy to put on my glasses though so i didn't really enjoy it.
Hello 3:22am. Didn't i go to bed before 11?

I missed thhe hot weather but this is a little much. Guess im always wanting more. Never satisfied.

I was thinking about my life. I thought i didn't know what to do to change it. But its my life and i should do what i want. I was thinking, if its all been the same for almost 2 years and it could be so much better, what have i not tried?

- A job for myself. In my mind Mondo should work not me but since that's not happening yet maybe i should give it a try.
-Facebook. Im sorry book face but your distracting. All the time i spend with you is books i havnt read to my kids and chores that don't get done. I don't even have the internet, its the neighbors. I might be saying goodbye to you real soon..
- DR Pepper. Andrew is rright. Your unhealthy and a habit I don't want. Im gunna save me some money and drink water and get healthy.
- Banktrupcy. Hmm, im not sure on this one.
- Time to move home. Rent will be more. But not all the bills get a chance to get paid anyway. So there's enough for rent on another place.

I will always feel like i need more, especially if i continue sitting arround like im waiting. Im gunna try harder to get to the place i want/need to be.

I pray that things change for the better according to Gods plan for us. For jobs. Specifically a job paying more than unnemployment (for Mondo). For to be debt free. For a mentor and more time with friends. Im tired of being lonely. Lord help me see and make the right decitions for my family.

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