August 5, 2011

Good distractions

I am so in love with my family.
I wonder how my house stays messy all the time but realize I am always helping and playing with my kids. They distract me in every way. <3 love love love!

I cried at how proud I was with Azariah tonight. Daddy got home from the store and I was overwhelmed with happiness in telling him what a big girl she is. She is 1.5 now. Her toys are piling up. This week they will be sifted through because she doesnt play with much of them. What she does is sit in front of the toy box and through them behind her one by one out of the box. She wasnt even looking for anything! What did she do when done? Sat in the toy box. I'm kicking myself now that I didnt get the pictures uploaded, but Ill post them later. I left her alone to play in a living room covered with colorful, noisy, plastic toys. (Bubba sure loved it now that hes almost crawling). When I came into the living room after a few minutes she had grabbed her blanky to cuddle up with. Had her pillow behind her back and was against the couch sitting in the toy box stairing at the blank tv screen. What a silly girl! So we put on her ABC movie. All ready I'm distracted thinking of all the cute little things she does. What I was so very proud of was the fact that after all this she listened when I told her to put the toys away. I showed her by putting a toy in the box and asked her to do it. She put a few away and then was done. So I asked her to put more in the box, and I didnt point at the toys or anything I just asked her to put more, and she did. I might have said, "more Riah more" a few times but she did it. A whole living room full of toys and she put them ALL away by herself. I was so pleased I got out my cake ball toppings and let her have a treat. My big girl :)

Kids have such a sweet way of making me laugh. I am so amazed at how well she talks and how smart she is. I tried to fool her tonight. I thought she would get upset when Daddy left when she went to bed. She heard him tell us goodbye and after he left I mentioned that he went to night night. Well that little girl pointed out her door way, and she said "no Bondo bye bye." I cant fool her can I?

Yep she calls Dada "Bondo." Mondo plus Dada is Daddo, but lately its just Bondo Bondo Bondo. She even sings his name to the alphabet. "A B B B B B B, Bondo Bondo Bondo Bondoooo" And he wonders if she loves him! She doesnt sing my name lol :) How could I have a cruddy day when I live with that silly girl? She amazes me.

I'm proud to be her momma. I'm excited to see her learn and grow. And Its so fun seeing her interact with her brother. She is always going to take care of him. Its like hes hers and not mine. Poor little boy...  hes learning to hold his own bottle but she takes his hands off of it and holds it for him. And he loves her for everything she does. For everything she says to him. All the hugs and kisses. No wonder he loves kisses, its because sis has been kissing on him since we brought him home. Pretty soon he will be crawling, and walking, and running after her. Until then seeing him grunt and scoot and roll around the living room is pretty cute.

I can't say it enough. I love my kids :)

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