August 7, 2011

walking and writing

My Mom in law has a prescription for walking 3 times a week with her daughter in law. Which in fact is me. Yep. I never saw her Doc but my name is on there too. 
Since we live so close to the college and we can go on the track whenever we want, thats what we're gunna do. It is usually a push to get out there but walking with her is fun and gets me away from the house and the kids. Well. . . unless they come in the stroller. But it's still fun. 

Relaxing. Seems kinda weird but it really is.

Fun. Always when Angie is around its fun. Why not get healthier at the same time?

Stress free. We talk, and talk, and talk. Then we talk some more. Sometimes its good to have someone around that you could share anything with. 

"We're bipolar when we're not together"
    ;) That's the chorus of our country song. Not sure what any of the verses are yet haha. 

So while I encourage her to walk and walk and walk. Then walk some more... She is going to keep me writing. See what happens when you cant sleep and you wake up at 3 am is you go on blogger and you read. So she read and read and laughed and cried and told me I have to write EVERYDAY! 
Everyday? I'll give it a shot but I don't know if I can. But If I'm reminded, maybe after each night we walk together I will. 

Tomorrow mom! Me and you. Sorry kiddos you can play with Dadda :)

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