August 13, 2011


Here's my Riah quite a while ago. Before the jibber jabber. Before the actually words and sentances were flying off her lips. She is a talker...   I want to get the video camera ready again because she sings too. I think when shes older she might like to see some videos at this age. I sure am enjoying her, and she is growing so fast.. 
I took the "Razza's phrases" off the side of the blog because shes talking so much i just can't keep up.
How fun its gunna be (not that it isnt now!) in a year when Emery is talking and Riah is bigger. He's showing so much personality too, we are so blessed! He loves Twinkle Twinkle. When I stop singing and look at him he starts humming and smiling. Such a happy (almost) 8 month old. Almost 2 teeth and almost crawling. Whatch out world!
I'm in love with my kids.
I'm in love with their Dad too.
Yesterday we had such a great day. Starting with a morning of kids crazy happy. Playing in the water and with friends at the park. Taking a walk and cooking with Nana. Then a movie and late night snack. I was happy enough to cry.
How could I go a day thinking I want more? I have so much in my life.
Mondo if your reading this, I love you.

Lord keep me from wanting more. Work out the bumps in our life, we're in your hands. No better place to be.

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