August 21, 2011

Look at her go

It's so fun to watch my kids grow in their photos. Sometimes I get busy and miss things or I blink and they grow an inch. Here's what we've been learning lately. So pround of you Azariah . . .  :)

3.5 months to go, almost 2 years old!
Daddy says were gunna plan a Tangled party. 

Finally some hair!!

This is how she puts her shoes on sometimes

Just learned to blow bubbles


What a pretty girl =) She should always smile like this

First braids LOL pippy long stocking style. She's putting on her jewelry from her new jewelry box

She buckles her shoes, then unbuckles them, again and again

No comment

So far a very hot and fun summer. New friends (right next door), new picky appetite, newer louder tantrums, tons of new words and its so hard to keep track or what shes saying and learning. She's not a baby anymore. (Thats all on her brother now), but I do hear from her everyday, "hey baby. I wuu woo" :) I love you too baby. 

I'm excited for what more is to come in this 
crazy life of motherhood. 

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