September 8, 2011

Create Party

I would really like to have a "Day to create" party. My family is so very creative in all different ways. Writing, painting, photography to name a few. 
There's some projects I'd like to work on in the company of some of my favorite people. 
We can sip on some margaritas and Italian sodas. Eat some strawberry cake balls. 
Time with no distractions from our messy kitchens and kids and work. 

Sounds fun to me. 

Sorry kiddos, your not invited. 

Sorry hubby, you get the kids ;)

This is what I want to work on:

There's unfinished projects that should 
get done. Like the names of my kids. Emery's needs
 to have ribbon attached and 
put on the wall. 

Pictures need to be edited and organized. 

We could even host one once a 
month or every other week and switch off at houses. Help each other out a bit. Work on a new recipe. Like the time spent at my moms yesterday while they worked on the back deck. 

I was busy chasing kids to help or even enjoy the yummy dinner mom made after!

Plus I'm missing my aunt Becki. She lives too far to see 
her whenever I want. So maybe a planned party she can fit in her oober busy schedule of kids and school and home life. Or maybe the first one can be at her place? ;) 
Being in her home makes me feel creative even if all I do is just sit and enjoy being there. She makes my spirit feel so good, refreshed. 

So I'm going to plan a party. I'm pretty excited. 



Dawn Duddy said...

I love this idea!!! :)

Becki said...

I LOVE this idea, Dars!! And I miss you too - wish we could condense the miles between our cities so we could be closer!! I would be thrilled to host the first "Create Party".

PS: You need a Share Button for your blog so I can put it on mine :) Come and get mine!

Darcie said...

Ok, so. . . when are we going to have our first party?? In my head I picture cake balls and music and yummy food. Anna making tutu's. Me making headbands. And then the picture gets fuzzy lol