September 14, 2011

Edit Me

A photo challenge for this 
week from:


and edited it my way:

Here's a few notes on what I did. 
1: PSP - Vivid filter
2: Time machine - Cross Process (no border)
3: Pixlr-o-matic  - Lucus, rainbow, grunge (save)
4: Pixlr-o-matic  - focal, perga (save)
5: PSP - GilliesGotDLig font and 20 pixel black border then sharpen image

Thanks to - 
Our tiny BIG Life

God Bless


The Wishful Lamb said...

a little too over edited for my taste, but it looks abstract and cool.

Evelyn S. said...

Wow....I like it. And I really enjoy seeing what people do to create a new piece of art from a photograph. Wonderful!

Marilyn said...

Loving your edit.. Super cool tones and textures.. I love your blog and I'm officially following ya per edit me week 18.. :)) Hope you can stop by my blog sometime.. TY

Shoni said...

Love this edit! I love the texture and colors.

deb duty said...

This is so fun and very unique! You are so creative. I love how it feels like the sun is in the background, but with unexpected colors in the sky.

Smriti Shalini said...

This is def thinking out of the box...nice edit:)

nat said...

Way cool, it reminds me of riding the ferris wheel at NIGHT! Very cool.