September 16, 2011

Little Things, Big things

Who's ready for a cheesy post?   
I'm trying to think of all the little things today. Some are big. It's just the simple..   things. But I've had a grumpy day and a rambunctious (almost) 2 year old running around getting herself into trouble. All. Day. The internet is slow. I've got overdue bills on my mind. I can't find nail clippers. And the dirty kitchen is staring me down.
I took a breath before. Said a silent prayer. Held my teething baby so he would sleep. And handed my stress to God's ginormous hands.
Little things.
I love my Emery. He isnt getting his very top teeth yet. He's getting his eye teeth. Little vampire!
My daughter can't stand to be away from her blanky, yet she shares it with Emery anytime.
Butterflies. My favorite.
A droor full of colorful straws for my Dr Thunder.
Lunch meat. No mayo no veggies just the meat.
Getting my bubba out of bed and seeing him standing up so proud.
Riahs little voice saying, "baby bear" when she wants to watch her ABC movie.
-And the idea of a huge ABC birthday party in mid December. Cannot wait!
An aquantance emailing me for a free mini photo session. Family pictures on Tuesday!!!
As my hubby pointed out yesterday - my favorite fork. Is that wierd? I have a favorite fork.
Pasta salad. Brown sugar and burbon merrinated chicken with lime juice and veggies. Ohhh, yum!
Chilly nights so I have my blanket to wrap up in.
My daughters obsession with shoes.
Teddy bear kisses.

Little things. Big things. ALL these things making me smile. I think I just may give up being grumpy and enjoy my day :)

Aisle to Aloha


GingerPeachT said...

You have a fav fork? hehe thats funny
I eat my sandwiches with meat and plain like that

following from Aloha! :-)

Darcie said...

I didnt notice it until my husband said something lol!