September 5, 2011

Lazy Monday

Here's a quick thought and some more pictures. Because I dont really want to think much right now. 
Here it comes. . . 

Life could be better
There you go I said it. 

Now to the fun stuff:

Best Pasta Salad I've ever had

My Cake Ball treats. There's a link to the right of the blog if
you want to know more about them 

I made this for my mom who is learning more
and more about photography

Riah has taken to sitting in things. Diaper boxes, toy boxes with her brother,
laying in the toy box with her blanky, and even
falling in and getting stuck. 

He used to be so tiny. I guess I blinked

Riah after eating her favorite meal.
Maybe I should just feed it to her in the tub?

He still melts my heart

Shaving cream plus finger paints. 


Nancy said...

wow...that pasta salad looks yummmm! :)

Darcie said...

You bet it was! I'm going to make it with whole grain pasta next time though. I'm trying to get my family healthy.