September 9, 2011

Little things

Some days, like right now, I need to focus on the little things. Keep me smiling. I'm sure I'll snap out of my mood after getting some of this yummy ice cold coffee in me. But for now I'm glad Emery is on his first nap and Azariah is watching her favorite movie. 
Don't forget the little things. 
When children learn and grow. Riah is wearing a diaper (hot out) and she found a sock and put it on herself. When did she learn to do that?? So a naked baby with one sock on. 
She makes me laugh. 

The way bubba grins now with his two bottom teeth and one barely one on top. 
Cold coffee and blogging. 
Riah is not two yet, she can say her ABC's to the letter E. Thank you Seseme Street. 
Pictures on the fridge. 
Our meal planner that Riah helps make. (I know I'm due for another one I'm stuck on June)
Sweet comments from blogger friends. 
Grandma Jo teaching Riah "circles"
(She actually called Grandma the next day without me knowing and I heard her say "grandma circles." I thought she was pretending to be on the phone but Grandma Jo said she called)
Scriptures and messages on the bathroom mirror. 
The excitement on Riah's face when she sees the neighbor. 
Diet A&W for my now diabetic husband. (More on that later) That stuff is pretty good!
Little umbrellas. 
Colorful toes. 
Prayers with my kids. 
My fluffy pillow. 
Riah going on a date with Nana and coming home with a big fish. 
Editing photos. 
Clean house. Notice there's no photo for this one?
Walking every other day with family. 
A house with plants. Too bad they arent even mine. Which reminds me I should water them ;)
My drawer  full of sprinkles for cake balls. 

Life is made up of so many little things. Focusing on those little things bring a smile to my face. 

Aisle to Aloha


Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Mmm... what a sweet list of little things! I especially loved the "notes on the bathroom mirror" and your little girl with one sock on. So glad you linked up this week! Thanks for sharing, Darcie, hope you have a beautiful weekend with your family!

Darcie said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Jenn said...

Awww I love it.. I may need to link up and do this later! (It won't let my comment w/my blogger account!!!)

Becki said...

What a sweet post - and such a good idea to make a list of all the little things that make us smile :) Think I'm gonna have to steal this!

Darcie said...

You should. It's simple and feels good to think on the little things.