September 9, 2011

My Son

Ever have a moment, a moment that you can't explain that overwhelmed your heart?
My heart is over flowing with love and joy for this little human being. 
Emery Vincent
Big blue eyes. 
Chubby feet.
Widows peak. 
Toothy grin. 
He was napping so peacefully. I went in the room to grab something and stopped in my tracks. 
That's. My. Son. 
I turned right around and got the camera. Then got what I needed and left. Came back again to take another peak and lay two huge blankets on the floor. 
What do you know? After my shower he was not on the bed. He was doing his best, and giggling, to crawl out of the room. He had fallen and no one heard because he had a soft landing and a destination. 

You are loved handsome. Chosen. A delight. Child of the King. 

God is good. 

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