September 10, 2011

My Day

A glimpse into my day.
Woke up to Daddy changing and feeding the kiddos while I layed in bed. Birthday party in an awesome park with a water fountain. Saw some old friends that I missed. Now were all home sleeping. Ok I'm not but they all are. . . 
I'm off to take photos for the challenge that I'm behind on and then head to Nanas to eat some yummy food and play in the kiddie pool. 

I love you Summer, but I will be happy when you are gone :)

Found this      ~> here <~
So pretty, and so true.
If you can't see, it's Song of Solomon 4:7

my loves

playing in the park

to her its not "glasses" she says "mommy I want eyes"

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Dawn Duddy said...

Great shots! And Riah says the best things!