September 10, 2011

Photo Challenge - Day 10 and 11

Photo Challenge Day 10 and 11

This is my baby blanket that my Momma made
It's been lost a few times
but always made it's way back to me. 

And here we have our "something blue"

Tomorrow I must take a photo of the sunset. Funny that one landed on my anniversary :) Hubs and I shall have a date night. Nana just drove off with Riah for the night. She wouldnt even kiss me goodbye, excited much?? Silly girl!  
Maybe bubba will come on our date tomorrow. Then next week he can stay with nana while we take Riah to her first movie in the theatre: LION KING!!! 
Which was the very first movie I ever saw in the theatre. Too bad I dont have a photo of that to go with Riah's! :) 

Ok blogging done. Bubba is stuck in the toy box. 

Goodnight for now. 


Collie said...

Happy anniversary. Is it the official one or the real one?

Darcie said...

they're both official and real, what are you talking about? ;) It's the first one

Anonymous said...

"Happy Anniversary Mando and Darcie" I wish you sooo many more... Love you both!!! <3 <3 !!
Angie Xoxoxoxo...

Elisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Haha...stuck in the toybox. =)