September 17, 2011

Ten Things About Me

I stumbled upon this blog Confessions of a Newlywed. Neither of us know how to do a linkup party (yet). So I will just link her blog here and have fun with her idea. I'm gunna think of some things that not many people know about me :)

1. I have a birthmark on the back of my head. It makes my hair blond in that spot. So a permanent blond streak. When I was a kid i would have my mom braid it, i thought it made me cool.
2. I love Jack Johnson.
3. I'm a pathalogical picture taker

4. First movie I saw in theatre was Lion King. I want to take my daughter to her first since they released it again.

                                                                                                                           Source: None via Angela on Pinterest

5. I hate folding laundry.

                                                                                    Source: via Kat on Pinterest

6. I dont like water.

                                                                                                 Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

7. I'm scared of roller coasters.
8. I love thunder storms.

                                                                                                     Source: via Casserole on Pinterest

9. I shrunk. In middle school I was an inch taller. Yea . .  not sure how that happened!

                                                                                                                      Source: via Angie on Pinterest

10. I used to hate pancakes but now I love them.

taken by a friend when we were in France


deb duty said...

I have no idea what my first theatre movie was, but it was a lot longer ago than Lion King! By the way, I did download the pixlromatic app you recommended. It's lots of fun. Thanks!

Darcie said...

Your welcome! I've used all kinds of programs. One of my favorite things is edditing photos. That program is my favorite, its so simple and fun!