September 20, 2011

Tuesdays Treasure

We're about to walk into some changes. Some little, some big. Bust as long as our eyes are on Christ I know itll be good. I'm thinking of it as an adventure.
 My husband has diabetes. We're not too healthy. Which makes me sad, because I'm raising two beautiful kids and I want them to be safe and healthy. So we're trying. He's on the right track and losing weight and we're trying to walk during the week on the track.

How in the world did he grow and change so much already?
He's almost walking. Climbing everything in sight. A few teeth and more on the way. He laughs he screams, feeds himself, chases his sister. I thought I had a baby but hes so big. 

Azariah has grown a lot too. I wish she would stop telling me "NO" and "stoooppit." But It's pretty cute when I sneeze and she caught on with the "bless you's." 

We're moving. Were going to stay with Mondos mom. Hopefully so we can save some money,  find Mondo a job and get healthy. I put all these changes in God's hands because I need his guidence. 
I'm treasuring the change. Big and small. 
What an adventure. 

Embrace change. Let something beautiful come from it. 


Jamie said...

Beautiful kiddos! How old is your baby? I have a 9 month old. And two older ones. :0) They DO grow so fast.
I hope you find God's blessing during your move and on your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

katie said...

Your children are beautiful. Best wishes as you face so many changes. Stick with getting healthy. It will bless so many other areas of your lives.

angie on maui said...

Thinking of you and your family and saying prayers for good health and prosperity. I hope the move goes well.


Darcie said...

Thank you :)

Jami said...

praying for you!