October 6, 2011

Business Challenges

{Mondo and Emery}

Here I am slowly getting to the linkup for Business month. With so many transitions and things to do moving and getting organized I dont really have time to be on here right now. Not to mention a new house to baby proof and I have to keep an eye on my new to crawling little boy!
Question of the day. 
What's one challenge you've come across since you decided to start selling your merchandise, whether it be through an online retailer {Etsy}, during craft shows, or just from friend-to-friend. Could it be book keeping? Balancing the family? Creative block? Marketing challenges?
My simple answer is this. 
Ok the main challenge is actually finances because.. well there is none, zip, nada. 
But in order for me to have a photo to sell I needed to have something printed. 
And I realize walmart is probably not the best place to do that. 
(Any suggestions for a photographer who needs to print good quality photos?)
The connection didn't work quite right. Something between my computer and the one at the store. And for a whole day they did not have my photos! 
Pain in the butt. 
I'll stick to diapers and Dr. Pepper when I go shopping there. 

{So serious}

I would like to start selling some prints. 
I've been working on a few things, I'm so excited!
If you have any suggestions/tips please let me know. 

Want a little peak? 

I'm a bit run down. Two kids. 1 year apart. One naps once and the other usually takes 3 still. 
I've gotta figure out how to get them on a good schedule so they sleep at the same time or I'm gunna go bonkers! 


Three's 4 Me said...

I'm so glad you linked up!!! Oh my gosh I can not believe your kids are 1 year apart!!!! That's insane! Have you ever printed at Target?? I've always had great luck there, but then again I'm not a ridiculously amazing photographer like you!! Anyway, I hope to see you next week!! (Prompt coming tomorrow!!!)

Darcie said...

Funny this business stuff is all I think about lately. So of course I linked up... just had to find the time to do it!
I did not know Target had a place to print photos lol maybe mine doesnt..
The kids are almost the same size now. My daughter is taller but they're even in the same diaper. They get mistaken for being twins a lot hehe