October 13, 2011

Photo Challenge

I was teaching myself how to take a "long exposure" photo. 
Finishing with this photo challenge is helping me learn parts of my camera that I never understood before. 
I've taken long exposure photos before but never perfected it. 
Id like to take my camera into the city at night and get some good ones with the lights and get some of the stars. 
Anyhow here's what I got while re-learning the camera techniques. 

{baby toy}

{two headed pony}

{thats a race car racing by}

{dont blink, youll miss the race}

{riah playing peekaboo from behind that counter}

{i walked in front of the camera while it was taking the photo}

{night light turned UFO?}


Feel That Fire said...

Lyla doesn't have any cool toys that I could use for that!

Jessica said...

loving this photo challenge thing...i was actually thinking right before i stopped by your blog that i wanted to take a photography class. there is just so much to learn.

Darcie said...

I really want a photography class as well. There's so much about my camera I dont know. I learn things on "accident" usually so then i can never repeat it because I forget what settings it was on. But this challenge has made me learn more and research online: http://myoverflowingheart.blogspot.com/2011/08/photo-challenge.html

Darcie said...

Jenn you could do it of cars. Set it up in the window after you get the settings right and then in the evening have Adam drive up and down the street for you ;) Get the picture perfect, in focus, and just the car lights blurred through the picture