October 14, 2011

PSP, no not the playstation

This has got to be the coolest tutorial ever. And I feel pretty proud that I took the difficult instructions and created a cool picture. Not just that but I did it in Paint Shop Pro and the instructions were for photoshop. 
It's the little things ;) 

Aisle to Aloha

I've always used PSP. I loved it and learned it. Took a break from it and came back to it and I've learned some cool tricks and simple editing tricks.
I can't figure photoshop out after 6 years of psp.
Every photographer tells me to switch.
Sorry Charlie, not gunna happen any time soon!

So I found this blog through another blog through another. (Does that makes sense?) I hop through blogs like hopscotch ;)

BTW. When I first started blogging I just thought it was cool to have an online journal. Have close friends and family see how I was doing. Well it's turned into such a cool place to go and share with new people. Link up parties have been such a fun thing to find :)

So here's the blog I found. Text Portrait Tutorial. I'm going to finish off with my first attempt at it so I can get back to trying it again and again!

ok an hour an a half later, i just made another one. :) 

{child of God}


Kassie said...

That's pretty neat! Great job!

Dawnee said...

WAY cool Darcie!!! I miss PSP :(

Darcie said...

why do you miss it? Dont you have it?