October 24, 2011


We're almost done moving. One more room to pack up and clean. 

Emery learned to clap. Just about the cutest thing i've seen all week. 

I love the show bones. So much so in fact that when I took out the garbage today all I could think of when I opened the lid was "dont look there might be bones in there"

I just bought my son his first pair of shoes. Ok second. He had sandles but his feet grew so fast! Anyhow I cannot wait until morning to put them on the little man :)

{he does this blinky face when hes playing with nana}

Azariah's very observant. One day she said "oh sit" (yes, that word). Every once in a while she will say it and I correct her and say "oh shoe? where's Riahs shoes?" Falls for it every time. She has no idea what she said but I dont want it to continue. 

I miss my grandpa. 

If I reach my hands in the air and say "Praise the Lord!" Riah will say an excited "AMEN"

 i LOVE MY MOMMY. (Forgot to turn off Caps lock, but i dont care I LOVE HER lol)

{no way id ever fit into that dress again!}
 Right now, at this VERY moment. . . I'm cold! I need some hot chocolate. Or a nice fuzzy blanket. 

                                                                             Source: Uploaded by user via Evelyn on Pinterest


Feel That Fire said...

I think I need to write a post soon.. Maybe I'll do a random post too..

Darcie said...

I've been too busy to sit down and write anything else so I thought some random stuff/pictures would be fun :)