October 25, 2011

Tuesday Ten

If I write this post, then there's no excuses. 
Close facebook. 
Turn on pandora.
Turn off the TV.

10 things I HAVE to, need to, want to do today. 
I really don't know where to start!
Guess I can start with this cutie pie. 
1.  Put laundry away/set up dresser. 
Were almost done moving in with ^that cutie pies Nana. One more load to take over from the apartment and one more room to clean. 
2. Blog. Should that be #1? Guess I've got 1 down and 9 to go. ;)
3. Find a picture to edit and add scripture. Yes I have to find it. There's so many photos on this computer!
4. Rock my son to sleep. (as we speak. kinda hard to type one handed).

5. Put the play pen and toddler bed in the rooms. Riah will be with Nana. Bubba will be with Daddy and I. Then I can:
6. Vacuum and organize toys.
7. Go through like 6 bags of baby clothes. Boys and girls. Stuff to keep. Stuff to sell to the childrens store. Stuff to save for the two people in the family having babies soon. Stuff to save that doesn't  even fit the kiddos yet. 
8. Take a shower. (tmi?)  I get a wake up call of my 3 year old nephew coming at 6:30 every morning. My 10 month old and my 23 month old used to sleep in until 9:30 now get up at 7. Kinda hard to find a moment to myself until nap around 2. That's too many numbers. Moving on
8. Get the labels off the baby food jars so we can add mod podge and colorful leaves and orange tissue paper. 

                                                                         Source: skiptomylou.org via Ashley Renee on Pinterest

9. Watch Bones

                                                                                 Source: google.com via Danielle on Pinterest

10. Go to the park with a friend. 

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Feel That Fire said...

Lucky for me (when it's baby time) I can type one handed!!!