November 9, 2011


I'm thankful. Grateful. Lucky. No, Blessed
Because this beautiful person is my Aunt. 
She listens. She teases. She laughs. She's talented. I just wish we lived closer because I miss her. 
She was there for me a long time ago when I needed her to be. A day that changed my life for the better. 
A day that I am happy to think about because of her. I never thought the word happy would have anything to do with those memories that I'm thinking about but she makes everything happy! (sorry if your confused, im sure she knows what im talking about)
And my faith is stronger than I could have ever imagined because of her. 
I love you DawneeLou 

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Rachel said...

She is the greatest. I was having a terrible night two days ago and all I could think about was "I want my mommy." So I went to see her the next day. She always makes me feel better.