November 10, 2011

It's OK

I'm the Momma who loves pop tarts for breakfast. Egg's? (blech!)
I'm the Momma who wants to sleep til noon. 
(Of course that's not happening.)
But that's OK
I'm the Momma who forgets to pray with my daughter. But when we do it's this:
"Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Let angels guide me through the night
and wake me with the sunshine bright."
The best part is at the end when Riah speaks up and says a very enthusiastic,

{Dad and Riah}
I'm the Momma who blogs and takes a ton of photos. Spends too much time on facebook and drinks entirely too much Dr. Pepper. 
But that's OK
I'm the Momma who gives time outs. 
A lot. Of. Time. Outs. 
That's OK
She'll love me for it when shes older. When she understands. 
I'm the Momma who stays in her PJ's all day. Sometimes the kids do too. 
(The way I see it is, I have no car and no errands to run and no one is coming over. Otherwise wed hop in the bath and get ready and motivated and get out of the house.)
That's OK
I'm the Momma who blasts Pandora. Watches Bones. Eats red velvet ice cream. 
I'm the Momma who went to Nanny school. And I feel I should know a whole lot more than I do. But I dont. This time the kids are actually mine. And sometimes I get lost. Sometimes I need advice. 
But that's OK
I'm the christian that doesn't go to church every week. 
I love my Lord. I surround myself in others that do as well. I try my best to teach my kids His words. 
That's OK. But I do miss it. 

{embrace the camera}
I'm the Momma who hates mess but hates to clean. I need people to motivate me. 
We own way too many toys. 
I dont like to put my laundry away. 
I like to get up early and make my husband lunch. But I hate getting up early. He's hungry if I dont. 
BTW he lost like 70lbs. (Not because I dont make his lunch everyday lol). I am VERY proud of him. 
I'm the Momma who loves her family. Let's her daughter call her by name because It's so cute coming from her. 
"Sarcie? Sarcie? (it's Darcie if you didnt know) Sarcie??"
"Yes Riah, what do you need?"
"Uhm Sarcie blah blah blah blah..?"
"Whatever you say Riah."
(I'm afraid lately that if I just agree with her gibberish then she will do something bad and it will all be ok because I told her it was ok to do it. When really I have no idea what she is even saying. So I let her get away with too much.)
But it's all OK

Its Ok Thursdays


Jennifer said...

Studies show the less toys your kids have the better. It's better for their imagination. I just got rid of a whole bunch of Lyla's toys.

Deanna said...

You are a brave one for revealing so much about yourself...good for you!! It's OK.

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a beautiful family you have!

Pidg said...

Haha! I don't know where to start! Drinks too much Dr. Pepper...check! Time outs even though some of mine are teens...check! Sarcie...that is too cute...I can just hear her saying that! But my favorite is your husband losing weight "not because you didn't make his lunch" haha! Can I tell you Po is losing weight and I think it's because I keep forgetting his sandwiches in the morning! Bad wife award over here!

Mommy Girl said...

love it! You're right, it's all ok! My life moto changed when I became a Moma to "Good Enough!!"