November 27, 2011

Sunday Social

   { am i to late??}

It's still Sunday. Barely! I want to be social
(Sometimes... other times not so much.) 
But through my blog it is a way I love making new friends and connecting with family.
Two weeks out of the month I watch my nephew. He's a fun, busy, sweet, red headed 3 year old.
I am not a morning person. Should I repeat that? Cuz it's really true. 
6:30 am is going to come real fast. Because I am a night person. A blog person. And a can't go to sleep without watching TV person. 
I might stay up too late. I'll try not too.. 
I know I'll be alright when the sun rises though because I'm prepared this time! 
Coffee and Dr. Pepper in the frig. (Or is that fridg? I'm sorry if your like my aunt and uncle you will notice everything I spell wrong and miss type because that's what I do best. But I keep bloggin anyway!)

We finally had a sunny day to play!

I always have all this fun stuff in my head but I'm horrible about writing out a plan for the weeks he's here or getting supplies so we have projects to work on. 

{love her style}
(along with my two kids and no car during the day, it's a little hard to get to the store.)
Any ideas on what we should do? 
Here's what I'm thinking. 
*Paper decorations for the thankful tree that I'm turning into a crafty Christmas Tree. 
*Some more baby food jar candles while supplies last (baby boy is turning one! he doesnt eat stage 1 baby food anymore lol)
*Idea number three: Ok that's all I've got. Either I lost my touch (come on DarDar you went to nanny school!) or It's just late and my brain isn't working ;)

4 minutes til Monday here in sunny rainy Oregon. 
Have a good week!

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collie said...

Okay, so you can make paper chains for the xmas tree; you can make popcorn and string it and have the kids decorate the outside tree for the birds,you can make handprints and find a poem for the kids to display as a christmas gift to their grandmother.....need anymore ideas?