December 16, 2011


I was a little curious about my older posts. I was glancing through them and found this one about random memories. It was nice to think back on all the things I listed, I want to do it again. So here goes. No rules, just random memories!

  • Story time last year with Jenn and Lyla. I've known Jenn for a long time, it's so good to have friends that last even when we live far apart. 

{our girls last October}
  • The excitement after getting married, running home and unpacking our gifts, throwing tissue paper a bags everywhere to find the cards, and when we found all the money going shopping. Locking the door behind us with a living room such a mess of paper and sparkles and gift bags!

  • Slumber parties at Jessicas when we were 16, listening to music all night long. Savage Garden. Yep you heard me. Fun times. 
  • The shock on Mondos face when I told him I was pregnant with Riah. (There was excitement too, dont get me wrong). "You better go back upstairs and take that second test." The Wednesday night that changed our world forever :)
  • Being a Nanny to this goof (and her sister too). All my parenting skills i owe to that job. I guess even though I'm not a nanny now and I haven't paid off my loans that is something I'm truly blessed with. The skills and practice I received with this family. 

  • Not knowing if my labor was "real" with my son. The Dr. had said to wait until I had actual pain. So when I did feel pain and decided it wasnt braxton hix I went in. Only I was so far along that I missed the epidural and as soon as Doc broke my water it took two pushes and here he was.

  • Getting into my sisters makeup when we shared a room, oh so long ago. 
  • Playing with hot wheals race track with my little brother. 
  • Getting picked to sit in the front seat on the drive to Oregon from our old home in Neveda. 
  • And these ones. Not so random I know but this will one day be a great memory. Making cookies with my mom in law Angie. Drinkin Dr Pepper (she spiked it!). I'm so sleepy from staying up so late but It's so worth it :)
    I used this recipe and dipped them in white almond bark then added toppings. So today we are making more plus Nanas tamales to give out as Christmas gifts. 
    Hope you are having a great holiday!


Jennifer said...

I love it!!

Darcie Santoyo said...

OMG... Memories are the best! I always have fun handing out with you Darcie... Love you <3<3!!

Darcie Santoyo said...

Last comment from Angie, not myself ;)

Collie said...

oh yeah........

Dawnee said...

Awwwww, this was AWESOME!!! I love it Dars!!! Great memories, great pics!