January 27, 2012

Yes, we have cinnamon!

We love to cook in this house. & We use a lot of seasonings. I don't know much about them personally.. Not like Nana and my Mom. Unless its the few favorites that I use. (Cinnamon, garlic with parsley, beau monde, celery flakes, are some of my favorites). But by the looks of it you would think I was a pro at what to add in what dish! There is about 100 containers in the cupboard. According to my daughter there is "Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen!" 
So when we need something we have to dig and dig, and sometimes take half the items out to find what we need. Like tonight. Cinnamon sticks. Sure we have those... somewhere... I could have sworn we had some... OH here they are! I found them after Riah decided to start taking things out and lining them up on the floor. Normally I ask her not to touch. Ok thats a lie. I TELL her not to touch. I'm trying to watch my manners, she copies everything! Instead of asking or telling anything I took them all out and helped her count them. 


Collie said...

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest post ever! She can come and count my spices whenever she wants to.

Pidg said...

Aww this is oh so sweet. I love those moments when you just stop and join in to what they have planned..wish I could come over and count spices with you guys!

Jamie said...

She is so cute!