February 17, 2012

No more sickness!!

Oh hello blog! How are you? Good? Good!


We've been battling sickness. This is the first time 
that both kids and I have been so very sick and the same time. 
Let me tell you.. IT SUCKS!!! Not only that but I watch my cutie pie nephew sometimes and he arrives at 6:45. He was a sweetheart though and let me rest until my babies woke up :) So aside from a stuffy nose and plugged ears I'm feeling pretty great. (Kids are too lol). 
With no energy to clean or cook or do activities we watched a lot of Dora and Veggie Tales. & I hung out on my handy dandy notebook iPhone. 
I now have a lot more photo's that I probably don't need. Some more video's of my 2 year old singing Adele. A new "About Me" photo for this here blog. New instagram friends. & Should I add here: addiction. Yep, to my iPhone. 


Pidg said...

Ohmygoodness it's the worst being sick when the babies are sick too...I hope you all get clear of the crud and keep it out of the house! I love your pictures, they show such character!

Laura said...

I think I was right there with you with two sick kids at this time. It is no fun! But these pictures are amazing! I just love them.

StarTraci said...

I love all the pics! I hope everyone is well and happy.