February 27, 2012

Textures and What Nots

I've been working on textures. Trying to teach myself how to make my own and add to my photos. 

{extreme close up of a carnation}

{My fave}

Other than that we haven't been doing too much. Just spending our tax return ;) I'm looking for a car with no luck. We're hoping to have some "play dates" this next couple of weeks. I'm not sure why I don't like that word lol. I'm having a friend over hopefully, that I haven't seen in a year. & Next week a toddler tea party which I'm so excited for! I think I want to go all out and make cake balls and decorate and take photo's :)

My one year old boy has taken to bringing me stuff. Anything and everything. & he signs "thank you" by hitting the side of his head. I've decided that the mess he makes can be reversed. How? lol. Maybe I'll make a pile of everything he brings to me and in a little while the room will be spotless. 

Speaking of tax return. We need to set some money aside because we are hoping and praying to move soon. We'll need the deposit and what nots for moving. & going along with my son and his messy ways, I've been thinking of how to decorate his room. I wan't it Montessori style. I want it simple and 100% geared toward his age level and his height. I'm going to put his mattress in one corner with a mirror on the wall. No bed frame yet. A shelf with toys that is small, just his size. Photo's on the wall at his level. We'll see how that goes. It is fun dreaming of decorating each of my kids new rooms. Hopefully soon!!

OK off to clean and pay bills. Hope you enjoy the photo's. God bless!

See what I mean about his mess? 


Jennifer said...

Bubba's a walking tornado!

Marilyn said...

LOVE his mess.. So cute..:)) I love your texture shots.. Great ones..I have a pixel challenge going on every Sunday and would LOVE for you to join in.. Right now, the theme is "sugar and spice...everything nice".. Check it out.. Would LOVE to see your shots.. The link is --- http://www.theartsygirlconnection.com/2012/02/finagle-foto-2-sugarspiceeverything.html .. Thanks so much.. Hope you can join in.. Wishing ya a great week.. ~marilyn