March 5, 2012

Love my Love

Emery (my 1 year old) is always bring me things. Moving things around the house. Carrying things through the kitchen and back into the living room. He's so busy
Today he wanted to give me my shoes. I told him I didn't need them, mostly because he was shoving them in my face, and next thing I know he's set them so nicely on the chair. What's cute is when he brings me his shoes and then sit's down in front of me and claps, just waiting for me to put them on him. 

I try to give my boy as much as I gave his sister. It's so different the second time around with having a baby. And completely different having a busy bully boy lol. 

He's 14 months old. 
He say's Momma, Dadda, Nanana, Elmo mo. 
He can sign a few words: More, please, thank you (a slap on the side of his head is his version lol!) and he shakes his head yes for milk. 
When he wan't something he will bring it to me and then sit down at my feet rocking his little body in such an exciting way. And clapping while he wait's for whatever it is. 
He loves to throw the diapers away. & The toys. Trying to break him of that habit, silly boy. 
This is all stuff he's started doing in the past few days. I love seeing his brain at work!
He throws whatever clothes he can find into the little laundry room. Usually. Unless the garbage can is too close, they sometimes wind up in there. Thus creating more dirty laundry for mom. 
Last night we witnessed him learning where to throw his dirty bottles and sippies. He found a bottle by his bed and ran it into the kitchen, and tried 3 time's before actually pushing it up onto the counter by the sink. He's learning so much from his big sister, I love it!

Every day is so entertaining in this house! 
Now if only I could take advantage of this nap time and get some real work done ;)


Collie said...

I absolutely love this post, and love this little boy......he changes all of the time at this age and you are doing such a wonderful job.

Pidg said...

Oh what sweetness you're creating in these memories. Your babies are oh so precious. I can just picture his lil diaper bum trying to get that sippy into the sink!

JenniB said...

Look at those BIG eyes... such an adorable little one!