October 11, 2013

Ten of my favorite things.

Once upon a time I was blessed with an amazing camera. Then hard times came and I sold it to pay a bill. (I justified it because it was way outdated and had dust inside of it that made the pictures look horrible.)
I told myself there was already so many photographers out there anyway.
I had an iPhone. It took great pictures! (ha).
That seemed like a hundred years ago. So much has changed since then. So much has gotten better.
God is good.
So fast forward to a new life. New start. New home. New friends (same old ones, i didnt ditch them lol!) Someone my brother introduced me to, and has become like family, just so happened to have a camera that she was not using. a DSLR camera with two lenses and a nice bag just sitting on the shelf. Really? I guess it was meant to be though, God sure knows what He's doing. She gave it to me and my photography has taken off like I always dreamed it would.
I came up with an etsy shop and my aunt helped me think of a name for it. Then I stopped using it. So my photography became the same thing. Yellow Hallow Photography. Again I say, The Lord is so so good to me. This month I have had zero income. Sorta. I have been on assistance for a year now and I was lead to give it up. Long story for another post. When it comes down to it though, I need to be home for my two kids, I am there sole teacher and I can't afford preschools that I want or daycare or anyone i can trust. So I took a leap and landed in God's lap and He has so completely provided. With random money, with photography jobs (and getting paid more than i thought i would for them) among other things. I have this peace that all my bills will be paid and the confidence that I can so totally do this single mother stuff. God has provided, what shall I do with his gifts? :)

{my little goober in my studio}

{love these little curlies}

{we had a beautiful summer}

{at the Mount Angel Abbey just sitting alone peacefully}

{the other day's park date}

{he had so much fun, tired eyes and all}


{my beautiful ballerina}

{one of my many scripture prints (which are also for sale)}

{leap of faith}

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