April 19, 2011


Day 1 of toddler bed. Last night went great! Better than I thought. Now it's nap time.
A lot of little kids rest with their cups or bottles. Azariah never slept with her bottle in her crib. I tried to teach her to put herself to sleep and not need that. She has always been a good sleeper and she was also off the bottle early... Well trying something so new like a bed she can get out of herself, well that makes me change my mind a little bit. Maybe just until shes used to it. Shes got her blanket and she was very excited to take a cup of milk to bed too. She got out of it just as soon as I left the room. Tried to run past me to go play but I caught her in her tracks. Told her to go back to bed. And I followed her and made sure she climbed in without my help and layed down. Its my thinking that in doing it all herself without me picking her up and laying her in it that itll help. Well see.. I can hear her tapping on the wall and humming a song :)
Here's to Riah falling asleep fast so I can go to the store to get my coffee! My home needs some work. Razza's is the only clean room...

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