October 3, 2011

Changes, goals, dreams

I never liked the ABC's so much.
Seeing my almost 2 year old (2 months as of yesterday birthday girl!) singing her version of the song along with her "baby beer" movie. Melted my heart. That was a "my daughter is growing up im gunna cry its so beautiful" moment and I snuck up behind her with her uncle's voice mail (he didnt pick up the phone!) and I can't wait to hear how it sounded. She really belted it out. Life made lovely.
Azariah's ABC moments. My life is lovely, not just on Mondays. :)

On to those changes and goals and dreams of mine.
I'm taking my family, my unemployed husband who's unemployment funds just ended, my almost 2 year old girl, 9 month old boy and my "pull my hair out" stressed self and moving.
I see a back portch. Squirrels. There's a poor bird stuck in the fireplace trying to fly out. Rain dripping off tomato plants next to patio furnature. And my favorite part - laundry room!
We're moving in with my mother in law this month. I'm so excited.
What, you dont want to live with your mother in law?
Well I do ;) call me crazy. We're bipolor when we're not together.
So what do you do when you have hundreds of photos just sitting on your computer. Printable, frameable (is that a word?), sellable?
I don't want photography to be just another hobby. I think I could make something big out of it. There was always this idea of turning some into postcards and selling, which I did and never tried selling, I never understood how. Motivation never lasted. But all the while my answer was staring at me. ETSY!!!!
I want my own unique shop. With my own products for sell. Motivation lately is thanks to:
So this is my main goal this month. Through all the craziness I'm going to start my etsy shop.
I dream of one day starting Cake Ball Cravings as well. I already sell to a small group of people who know me. One who found me on google (how exciting that was!) 3 orders this month will add to the craziness.
Goals also include getting financiall stable (With God anything is possible!)
Hosting a huge birthday bash for my two kids in December. I plan on making my own center pieces, cake balls, invites, even some of the gifts!
Taking photography and finance classes to better myself in the areas I want to grow in.
Start preschool a couple days a week with my daughter.
Start a bible study, alone or with anyone who wants to join.
It's going to be a crazy, but good month.
I may need some prayers on this one.
Thanks for listening :)


Becki said...

Darcie, this post is wonderful - you have inspired me in so many ways! Your writing is great and I love how you see the world with so much hope. I love you :)

Stephanie said...

Wow girl! You do have a lot going on! Such a great attitude too! I know from experience (even the living with MIL part) that depending on the attitude, this next month will either make ya or break ya. I'm banking on its gonna make ya.... Make you stronger, make you grow spiritually, make you appreciative and make you simplify your life (which is always good)
Keep your eye on the Prize!
Stephanie xx

Jessica said...

I love hearing the voices of my little ones and the funny ways they say things..it's too precious! And I don't think you're crazy I would live with my mother in law if I could!

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Sounds like you have a plan! Looking forward to hearing updates. Good luck!

Darcie said...

<3 thanks you :)