June 7, 2011

Tuesdays Treasure

Bye Bye car

It's Tuesday right? Either way...   Been a long week. I was saving this picture for my treasure post. Not that the car is what I treasured, but the family inside that came out without a scratch :) In Mondos words: The Lord knew we needed a new car and instead of it breaking on us and leaving us stranded it was totaled and I changed to FULL coverage a couple weeks ago. So we're waiting on a new car now from the insurance. I pray itll be a very reliable car! Thank you Jesus for my family.. safe and sound :)

Dont take things for granted. Be glad with what you have (car, job, home, family,  etc..) I have no job, now no car, a home i want to move out of. I need to stop complaining and just LIVE =)

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